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Investment powers Liuzhou's economic growth    2012-08-02
Investment jumped in Liuzhou, Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the first six months, providing a boost to local economy in spite of a slowdown in the domestic economy.

Liuzhou – Taiwan Conference Yields Lucrative Investment Deals    2012-07-26
The 2012 Liuzhou-Taiwan Conference on Economy, Trade, Culture and Tourism was held on July 23 in the Shangri-La Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.

Liuzhou to invest RMB 46.5 billion in 90 industrial projects    2012-07-11
Liuzhou has decided to invest RMB 46.5 billion in 90 key industrial projects, among which 16.3 billion will be invested this year.

Liuzhou calls for investment in water carnival projects    2012-07-11
On July 10, the Liuzhou government launched a promotion conference on 2012 China Liuzhou International Water Carnival. 56 projects of the carnival are calling for investment from enterprises.

Investment Environment    2012-05-28
Liuzhou is the railway hinge connecting southwest China, middle China and South China; it is also the joint where several railway trunks converge like Xianggui Railway, Qiangui Railway and ZhiLiu Railway.

Service Organizations    2012-05-28
Liuzhou Commerce Attraction and Promotion Bureauhttp://www.liuzhou.gov.cn http://www.lzzsw.gov.cn Home service (0772-2632790)Foreign service (0772-2632765) office 0772- 2632792

Preferential Policies    2012-05-28
The enterprises, those are difficultfor paying in real estate tax, may report to the Tax Bureau of Zhuang Autonomous Region for approving the reduction and exemption from real estate in a certain period.  3.

Cluster development of Liucheng industry    2011-09-21
This summer, a busy construction site sits in the eastern part of Dabu town, Liucheng county where a towering chimney used to stand.

Liuzhou explores various recycling modes for cleaner environment    2011-08-31
Liuzhou city has taken the lead in Guangxi in achieving domestic sewage’s "full collection, full treatment".

Liuzhou to build two more sewage treatment plants    2011-08-31
Officials from the Guanxi autonomous region met on Aug 9 and Aug 10 in the cities of Nanning, Liuzhou and Beihai to authorize the construction of two more sewage treatment plans in Liuzhou.

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