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Liuzhou attends sixth Guangxi Brands Agricultural Products (Shanghai) Trade Fair
By Feng Lu ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-10-09

Liuzhou attended the sixth Guangxi Brands Agricultural Products (Shanghai) Trade Fair, which opened at Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Center on Sept 26. Up to Sept 29, a total of 8.6 tons of Liuzhou agricultural products had been sent to Shanghai and 8.3 tons of products had been sold with a sales volume of 4.38 million yuan ($714,100).

In the trade fair, Liuzhou highlighted the characteristics of its agricultural products and launched a number of new products. A total of 11 Liuzhou agricultural enterprises participated in the trade fair and provided nuisance free agricultural products such as lucid ganoderma and wild mushrooms as well as deep processing agricultural products such as health tea, passion fruit juice, passion fruit vinegar and health wine.

Tea wine, Liuzhou’s distinctive agricultural product, is made from tea without any grain, which attracted many Shanghai residents to taste and buy it.

The trade fair also held a series of activities such as a Guangxi-Shanghai enterprises production and sales contract convention and the volume of contracts of Liuzhou’s agricultural products equated to 426 million yuan.

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