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Volume of transaction in fourth Auto Expo amounts to 286 million yuan
By Feng Lu ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-09-29

The fourth China-ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automobiles, Construction Equipment, Components and Parts Expo ended on Sept 23 with a gross turnover of 286 million yuan ($43.7 million), hitting a record high.

The scale of the expo was unprecedented. The expo hall occupied 40,000 square meters with 173 attending enterprises and 120,000 visitors.

The passenger vehicles exhibition was the most attractive part of the expo with more than 60 participants and 52 brands. The exhibition hall exhibited 300 vehicle models in the 20,000 square-meter exhibition area. It also displayed six new types of vehicles, such as a DS6 and FAW’s Besturn X80 and completed 733 orders in five days with a total transaction volume of 80 million yuan.

The expo also set up a vehicle experience area for visitors to experience the functions and services of the cars and accessories, making it become the most professional auto expo with its own experience area in Guangxi.

The auto components and parts exhibition first invited more than 30 enterprises from Zhejiang Yuhuan and Guangdong auto parts producing base to participate in the exhibition. Ten enterprises from Thailand and two from Vietnam also took part. In the car accessories section, 10 domestic enterprises and more than 50 auto parts processing enterprises attended the exhibition. The organizing committee of the expo also invited over 100 domestic professional purchasing agents and nearly 100 dealers from ASEAN countries to discuss businesses in the expo.

Many enterprises, including Foton, participated in the 2500 square-meter electric vehicles exhibition area, showing off electric passenger vehicles and advanced technologies in the new energy field. Liuzhou Yanlong Auto Corporation also attended the exhibition and gained great popularity.

The agricultural machinery expo hall mainly exhibited sugarcane producing machinery, with 27,800 visitors in five days and 14 orders valued 1.3 million yuan.

The total investment value of the signed projects between Auto China Corporation, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Corporation, Sinotruk Liuhou Yunlike Corporation and ASEAN clients reached $30 million in the expo.

The expo will boost the local auto industry, and promote cooperation and trade between ASEAN countries and China.

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