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All-round development for Liuzhou
By Li Yang ( China Daily )
Updated: 2014-09-16

Plans hope to transform transportation hub into modern service industry center, Li Yang reports.

Liuzhou, in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is one of the strongest industrial cities in China and boasts picturesque karst landscapes and beautiful mountains and waters.

The city's service sector and agriculture industry are its main economic engines.

Developing the real economy is vital to Liuzhou's industrial development strategy, new industrialization and urbanization.

Liuzhou has endeavored to construct a fair, open and inclusive business environment ruled by law, which is necessary for promoting innovation and competition.

"Industries are the backbone of Liuzhou's development. Opening up is an important driving force for Liuzhou's growth. Liuzhou would not have had its historical achievements and will not rise again if it had not insisted and does not continue opening-up and reforms," said Zheng Junkang, Party chief of Liuzhou.

Zheng said Liuzhou must take advantage of the opportunity to construct the Xijiang River economic belt, a national project newly approved by the State Council.

According to the city government's industrial development plan, Liuzhou will upgrade its industrial structure and focus on developing advanced manufacturing industries.

New materials, new-energy vehicles, energy-saving and environmental protection, advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information and bio-pharmaceuticals are the key emerging industries that the city plans to develop.

Liuzhou is keen to attract projects in these industries, especially the ones with considerable scales, high added value and competitiveness, to form a complete industrial chain structure.

According to the government plans, Liuzhou's total industrial output value should hit 600 billion yuan ($97.71 billion) by 2015. From this, the emerging industries of strategic importance are expected to contribute at least 70 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment in industries over three years should reach 250 billion yuan.

Liuzhou plans to combine the industry and city developments to construct an ecological city fit for living and working in.

The Liudong new district in the east of the city will be built as a model of harmonious development of industries and the city. Liuzhou will also pay special attention to developing its country economy, narrowing the gap between city and countryside.

Innovation is a sustainable driving force for Liuzhou's industrial development and city construction. Innovations in city governance, industrial administration, enterprise management and research and development of new products and services are expected to be more reliable foundations for Liuzhou's breakthrough.

The government also plans to promote the development of the city's culture, which it is renowned for.

Liuzhou hopes to play up its comparative advantages and construct the city into a regional center of modern service industries. The city has the conditions to build a regional center of logistics, finance, tourism, medical care and vocational education.

The plans require the government to improve its overall public service level so that in the long run, Liuzhou can become a service industry center for Southwest China, the Pearl River Delta and the Southeast Asia. Liuzhou also plans to consolidate its position as a regional transport hub connecting Southwest China and the world. The city's strength as a transport hub rests in its connectivity with other parts of China and Southeast Asia through air, land and river.

Liuzhou plans to dredge the Datengxia hydro junction and channel in the Liujiang River to create larger capacity.

If the Liujiang River can accommodate ships of 2,000 tons, Liuzhou's waterway transport will better serve its industries. Liuzhou plans to work with neighboring cities to implement railway construction plans. The Liuzhou-Zhaoqing railway and the Liuzhou-Shaoguan railway will closely connect the Southwest China with the Pearl River Delta once complete.

Highway expansion projects hope to connect Liuzhou with Wuzhou, Sanjiang, Wuxuan, Guilin and Nanning, and are due to be completed soon.

The city is applying to open flight routes from Liuzhou to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao. The city hopes to develop its public transportation system rapidly in the next few years, with the first urban railway system in Guangxi in the pipeline. Liuzhou hopes by creating a good business environment it will boost industrial resources, become more competitive and encourage production organizations to enter the city.

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All-round development for Liuzhou

 All-round development for Liuzhou

Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has ideal natural conditions and industrial heritage to become a model ecological hub. Photos Provided to China Daily

 All-round development for Liuzhou

Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co Ltd invested 5 billion yuan in 2001 to reduce its pollution and invented and applied new technologies.

(China Daily 09/16/2014 page5)

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