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Liunan district
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Updated: 2011-08-30

Liunan district, located in the southwest of Liuzhou, is one of the four urban districts of the city.

Liunan district has profound industrial basis, convenient traffic conditions, concentrated commercial and trade centers, and large flowing population. Its railways and roads extend in all directions.

The Liuzhou railway station, Liuzhou east railway station, Liuzhou passenger station, Liuzhou south passenger station, and Liuzhou freight transportation hub are all based in the district.

Liuzhou Bailian Airport sits close to the district. With such convenient transportation conditions, the district has become a major cargo distributing center of southwest China. The district is home to over 300 state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, including Liuzhou Railway Bureau, Guangxi Liugong Group Co. Ltd., Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Co. Ltd., and Guangxi Yufeng Group Co. Ltd.

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