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Yufeng district
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Updated: 2011-08-30

Yufeng district is located in the southeast of Liuzhou city of Guangxi Zhuang ethnic group autonomous region.

It has mild and cool climates in spring and autumn. Trees are evergreen in all seasons. It has sound resources and climate conditions for tourism and residence throughout the year.

Yufeng district hosts a large number of famous scenic spots and sightseeing areas of Liuzhou city. It has jurisdiction over eight street offices for Tianma, Jiahe, Rongjun, Jianpanshan, Wuliting, Qilin, Bailian, and Yanghe, five village committees, and 53 community neighborhood committees, in a total area of 98.2 square kilometers. It has 228,000 permanent residents, and 80,000 floating population. It is the economic, tourism, cultural and transportation centers of Liuzhou city.

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