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Sanjiang Dong ethnic group autonomous county
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Updated: 2011-08-30

Sanjiang Dong ethnic group autonomous county has the largest population of Dong people among the five autonomous counties of the country.

It has a population of 350,000, with 57 percent from the Dong ethnic group. It is a county hosting many other ethnic groups, including Han, Miao, Yao and Zhuang. The county has jurisdiction over 15 towns and townships, which are Guyi town, Danzhou town, Doujiang town, Heping township, Dutong township, Bajiang township, Linxi township, Chengcun township, Laobao township, Liangkou township, Yangxi township, Meilin township, Tongle and Fulu Miao minority townships and Gaoji Yao minority township.

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