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"Dragon City" Liuzhou
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Updated: 2011-08-29

Liuzhou city, also known as "Dragon City", is a municipality of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region with a history of 2,100 years.


It has jurisdiction over six counties and four districts as Liujiang, Liucheng, Luzhai, Rong'an, Rongshui and Sanjiang counties and Chengzhong, Liubei, Yufeng and Liunan districts, with a total area of 18,600 square kilometers and a total population of 3.69 million including urban population of 1.20 million.

Liuzhou is a multi-ethnic city with a majority of Han nationality. It is one of home towns of overseas Chinese in Guangxi. Some well-known from Liuzhou are Li Ning - the “gymnastics prince”, Xie Saike - table tennis world champion, Lu Yong and Jiang Yuyuan - Olympic champions, Wang Zheng - famous writer and even Liu Sanjie - the legendary “Immortal Singer”.

In recent years, Liuzhou has maintained sustained, rapid and sound developmental momentum in national economy. In 2008, the city's GDP was 90.06 billion yuan and per capita GDP exceeded 20,000 yuan. Its industrial output in 2009 is to exceed 200 billion yuan.

Liuzhou is located in north-central Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region at latitude 23°54' - 26°03' and longitude 108°32' - 110°28'. Guilin is adjacent to its east and west is Hechi City; the southern boundary stands the newly established Laibin Jinxiu Yao autonomous county, Xiangzhou county, Xingbin district and Xincheng county, while its north and northwest, respectively, adjacent to Tongdao Dong autonomous county of Hunan province and Liping county and Congjiang county of Guizhou province.

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