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Former Residence of Wei Baqun

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Former Residence of Wei Baqun

The residence is located half way up the Teyashan Mountain in Wuzhuan township, 36 kilometers away from Donglan county.

In February 1926, when the Kuomintang reactionaries sent their troops to Donglan to suppress the peasant movement, they burnt down Wei Baqun’s farmhouse. In July of the same year, the Kuomingtang troops were defeated and retreated, while the high tide of the revolution was sweeping through the region. Wei Baqun built two houses of mud walls and tiled roofs half way up the Teya Mountain and used them to receive revolutionaries and gather peasant armies for meetings. In October 1930, after the majority of the Seventh Division of the Red Army went north, the troops of Kuomintang reactionaries came again. As a result, the houses were burned down again. In 1988, the Donglan government restored the residence.

The residence of Wei Baqun covers an area of 250 square meters, with a bust of Wei Baqun in the front room and the four walls filled with drawings and others historical materials which show us the heroic deeds of Wei Baqun. The back room is furnished to be exactly like what it was, with a shrine box, a straw mat, stone pestles, and a stone mill.

In May 2009, it was listed by the government of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region as one of the key historical sites under regional protection. In April 2011, it was included in the national list of the Red Patriotism scenic spots.

Hechi is located in the northwestern part of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and the southern foothills of the Yungui Plateau.