Dabu beef balls

Beef balls are one of the most famous snacks in the county of Dabu, Guangdong province.

Spiced pork knuckle

Pork knuckle contains a good supply of protein, which is good for improving people's skin condition. Therefore, it is especially welcomed by women.

Steamed sticky rice

The popular snack is similar to another pyramid-shaped delicious food zongzi which is usually eaten at the Dragon Boat Festival.

Fried taro balls

The fried taro balls is a local-characterized dish, which has a symbol of reunion. Therefore, the local people usually have it at the New Year's Eve.

Fried chitterlings

It is a delicious local dish, very popular, especially among those prefer to taste animal organs.   

Sticky rice balls

Egg-shaped sticky rice balls is welcomed by both adults and children.

Steamed stuffed bun

The colorful steamed stuffed bun made with vegetable juice.

Maise-made biscuit

It is a popular snack in Dabu, which is called "Su Ban"in Chinese.

Bamboo shoot sticky rice cake

The Hakka bamboo shoot sticky rice cake is a local snack bearing the most profound central Chinese food cultures.

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