Meicheng opens First Hakka Culture and Arts Festival

Themed "Embrace the World and Open to the World", the First Hakka Culture and Arts Festival opened in Meicheng on Nov 23.

Dabu builds Hakka Culture Ecological Demonstration Area

Dabu, considered the Shangri-La of the Hakka world, is known as the "home of culture, overseas Chinese, ceramics and famous tea".

Dabu to improve cultural tourism industry

In a study of the development of the local cultural tourism business in the towns of Dadong and Baihou, Lin Jianxiong, the Dabu Party secretary, said that the towns will take advantage of the local cultural and tourist resources and improve their scenic spots, infrastructure, and services to build a beautiful demonstration site there.

Dabu county celebrates Lantern Festival

Dabu county in South China's Guangdong province held a gala at Xihu Park showcasing the region's intangible cultural heritage and excellent traditional folk art on Lantern Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month.

Dadu to push forward eco-industries and culture tourism

Lin Jianxiong, Party secretary of Dabu county, led a delegation to investigate the towns of Chayang, Xihe and Qingxi, and Fengxi Tree Farm, in the north of the county near Meizhou city, Guangdong province, on June 2.

Cultural and tourism festival kicks off in Dabu

A cultural and tourism festival featuring honey pomelos and a porcelain trade fair kicked off on Sept 16 in Dabu county, Guangdong province.

Dabu hosts Hakka culture and health and longevity summit

The Hakka Culture, Good Health and Long Life Summit, sponsored by the Gerontological Society of China (GSC) and Dabu county government, was held in Dabu county, Guangdong province, on Sept 16.

Guangdong Han Opera

Han Opera is well known to the world. It is hailed as the “Peony of South China” and is one of the top three operas in Guangdong.

The Ballad of Meizhou

The Ballad of Meizhou is generally thought to form during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). It is a mixture of local and Hakka culture whose lyrics are similar to ancientChinese poetry.

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