Silunshimei Stone Memorial Arch

By Liao Yuan ( )

Updated: 2014-01-27

Silunshimei Stone Memorial Arch

Visitors pass through the Silunshimei Stone Memorial Arch.(Photo/

The Silunshimei Stone Memorial Arch, located in Chayang town, Dabu county, Guangdong province, has a history of more than 390 years. It was originally built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to memorialize Rao Xiang and his son Rao Yuling, who received academic degrees at the same time.

The 12.5-meter-high and 4.65-meter-wide granite sculpture is decorated with patterns of dragons, birds, clouds and flowers. A plaque is placed in the center of the memorial arch engraved with the Chinese characters silunshimei.

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