Yizi Sticky Rice Cake

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Updated: 2011-04-11

Yizi (Missing Son) Sticky Rice Cake is a well-known Dabu traditional snack. According to legend, it originated in the Ming Dynasty, and has been produced for over 300 years.

There is an interesting story behind the rice cake’s name. Legend says that during the Ming Dynasty, there was a mother called Aunt Song, who led a hard life with her son Agen, who studied martial arts from a master.

When Agen was 18 years old, he followed his master to join the commander Zheng Chenggong on a mission across the strait to Taiwan to drive out the Dutch invaders. Aunt Song missed her son terribly, and for every Mid Autumn Festival, she would cook her son's favorite sticky rice cake and place it under the moon, where she would pray with burning incense.

After 30 years, Aunt Song had still not seen her son. During a Mid Autumn Festival when Aunt Song was praying under the moon, her son Agen suddenly appeared in front of her. The mother and son were finally reunited after years of joy and bitterness. Overwhelmed by happiness, Agen took the Yizi Sticky Rice Cake from his white-haired mother. Thus, Yizi Sticky Rice Cake got its name.

Yizi Sticky Rice Cake originated from the areas of Baihou, Fenglang and Huliao Town, with the Baihou Yizi Sticky Rice Cake being the most famous. After the end of the Ming Dynasty, Dabu Yizi Sticky Rice Cake also became popular throughout the county, and later spread to other counties in the area.

Yizi Sticky Rice Cake