Overseas Chinese Hotel

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Updated: 2011-04-08

Buxian Overseas Chinese Hotel is situated near the Culture Square in the center of the county. It boasts convenient transport links and a pleasant environment making it an ideal hotel for catering, accommodation, business, meetings as well as entertainment and leisure.

The hotel has been in operation since 2003 and it represents an ideal choice for tour groups, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan compatriots, or those in the area for sightseeing. It possesses accommodation, leisure, banqueting and entertainment facilities.

The hotel offers 40 standard rooms, deluxe business suites and standard suites, each equipped with air conditioning, color TVs, telephones and other facilities. The hotel has a large parking lot which is easily accessible. The hotel restaurant offers luxury dining rooms, a banquet hall and karaoke halls. The hotel restaurant engages famous chefs to cook various kinds of exquisite dishes and special snacks with unique flavors.

Address: Overseas Chinese Hotel, Culture Square, Dabu County

Room Reservation Hotline: 0753--5528898

Restaurant Reservation Hotline: 0753--5528868

Fax: 0753 --5535228

General Manager: Qiu Muxiang; Mobile: 13825928728

Overseas Chinese Hotel
Overseas Chinese Hotel
Overseas Chinese Hotel