Wanfu Temple

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Updated: 2011-04-07

Wanfu Temple
Wanfu Temple
Located on Yinna Mountain in Dabu county of Meizhou city, Wanfu Temple was founded by an eminent monk named Pan Liaoquan in the 14th year of the Yuanhe Period of Emperor Xianzong's reign during the Tang Dynasty (AD 819).
Over 1,100 years old, Wanfu Temple is one of four famous temples in the Hanjiang River region and a main scenic spot in Dabu county.
Facing the Hanjiang River and perched against Wuzhifeng Mountain, the temple is surrounded by flourishing forests and jagged rocks. It is famous for its so-called "Ten Famous Scenes", "Nine Grotesque Spots" and "Eighteen Wonders".
Inside the temple sits a sleeping jade Buddha from Burma. Outside is a bronze tripod cast with 10,000 Chinese characters for fu (good fortune). An osmanthus tree that is over 500 years old stands beside the temple. Over 8,000 stone steps behind the temple wind up to Wuzhifeng Mountain.

In recent years, scenic spots in Wanfu Temple have been renovated with the help of people from all walks of life. More than 20 million yuan ($3.12 million) has been invested in its renovation and reconstruction. The project included concrete highway access to scenic spots, the construction of an arhat hall, a fortune hall, a heaven king hall, a Guanyin hall and a great Buddha hall. It also included plans to remodel the golden body of each Buddha, the Four Great Heaven Kings and Eighteen Arhats.

At present, Wanfu Temple is a municipal-level natural reserve. It has been developed into a religious culture tourism destination integrating historical figures, famous pavilions, well-known mountains and renowned landscapes.