West Lake Park

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Updated: 2011-04-07

West Lake Park

West Lake Park

West Lake Park

Situated in the northwest sector of Dabu County, West Lake Park is an urban park with mountains and water where tourists may get acquainted with the local history, culture and customs, enjoy excellent facilities for sport and recreation or have some leisure time.

The park, covering an area of 38.67 hectares, is divided into a land area and a water area. It consists of six functional areas: central area, cultural area, lakeshore area, river area, ancient tower area, and arch area.

Central Area

There are seven scenic spots in the central area: a portrait of eight steeds, a tea ceremony house, a leisure square, an eco greenland, a stage, a relief wall and a children's wonderland. The area is characterized by tea culture and functions mainly as a good place for leisure.

Cultural Area

The cultural area has four tourism attractions: the Confucius Bronze Statue, a venue for Han Music, a wall of Generals and the Wanren Square. The attractions demonstrate how people in Dabu value culture, education, etiquette and music. This area promotes Hakka culture, traditional culture and folk customs such as Guangdong Han Music.

Lakeshore Area

The lakeshore area boasts 15 tourism attractions: Chain Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Zigzag Bridge, Waterside Pavilion, Wanderer's Pavilion, Island of the Homesick, Lakeside Square, Boating Quay, the veranda, Lotus Lake, the overflow dam, the fountain, Sight-Viewing Platform, Flower Veranda and manmade rockery. The area features leisure sport combined with recreational activities, offering a sense of harmony between dynamism and peace.

River Area

The River Area has five tourism attractions, including the north gate waterscape, the water platform, a pottery bar, a water bridge and streams.

Ancient Tower Area

The ancient tower area has three sights: the Taian Tower, a pool and the flower field. This area enables visitors to understand its local culture, history and folk customs.

Arch Area

The arch area is a place where one can find the South Gate, the North Gate, the parking lot, and the artificial mountain.