Tin Ka Ping’s Ancestral Home

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Updated: 2011-04-07

The Gong Chen Building is a historical relic under key protection of Dabu County. The building, located at Yintan Village, Gaopo Town, is a patriotic education base as well as a moral education base in Meizhou City. The building faces north and adopts a brick-tile-beam structure. The upper halls are on the second floor. The lower halls form rooms.

Tin Ka Ping’s Ancestral Home
There are 5 halls and 8 rooms in total. The external gatehouse faces east. In front of the building, a canal known by local people as waistband water flows by.

Tin Ka Ping’s Ancestral Home

There is also an exhibition hall in the building displaying the stories of Tin Ka Ping, who was born into a literary family in Dabu County, Guangdong Province, in 1919.

In his childhood, he was educated by his father. He adheres to Zhu Bolu’s familial precepts, cared for his motherland and considered returning the society and serving the motherland as his duties.

In 1982, he donated his assets worth more than 2 billion yuan ($305 million) to set up “Tin Ka Ping Foundation”.

He has made more than 1000 donations to the education, medical treatment, communications, entertainment and other public welfare causes in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. The donations valued more than 1 billion yuan.

Due to his benevolence, righteousness and selfless contributions, he has won great respect from the people.