Hua E Building

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Updated: 2011-03-28

Located in Lianfeng Village, Dadong Town, Dabu County, 45km away from the county seat, the Hua E Building was built in 1608. It is a typical Hakka earth round house and a historical relic under provincial protection.

The Hua E Building covers 2300m2 of land. It is a round building with an earth-wood structure. The building is made up of three rings. The inner ring has one story and 30 rooms, the second ring has two stories and 60 rooms, and the third ring has three stories and 120 rooms. There are 210 rooms in total. The building is 11.9m high.

The whole building has only one entrance. The doorframe is made of thick, wide granite slabs. The door planks are wrapped with firm, thick iron sheets. These door and window facilities are designed particularly for resisting foreign invasions and disturbance.

Inside the building is a round courtyard of 283.4 sq m, paved with pebbles of various sizes. The center is decorated with a 3m ancient coin pattern, signifying people’s wishes for ample food and clothing. On one side of the courtyard, there is an ancient well for fire fighting and domestic use.

The Hua E Building has an exquisite design and a unique structure and demonstrates the Hakka people’s concepts of consummation, solidarity, egalitarianism and equality. It is the best-preserved ancient residential building with the largest scale and most exquisite design on the earth. It is a wonder of residential architecture in the world.