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Southern Power Grid in Venezuela comes into commencement

Updated: 2015-01-15

Southern Power Grid Enhancement Project constructed by CGGC was fully operative on December 19, 2014. CGGC had a high efficiency in validating international contract, with only 9 days was used to commence since the construction contract’s signature on December 10.

Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of CGGC, Chairman and President of CGGC International, paid high attention to Southern Power Grid Enhancement Project and in charge of preparation works personally since the EPC contract was signed officially. Through closely collaboration of CGGC headquarters and Venezuela company of CGGC to validate the contract, the project commenced works successfully with extraordinary speed, which created another model of work efficiency and effort in CGGC’s international businesses.

At the present time, all the managerial personnel on firing line of Southern Power Grid Enhancement Project have taken their offices, all needed in this project including constructors, capital, equipments were in their places. All project management works were in steady progress, which laid a solid foundation for project completion with outstanding project quality, excellent project process and good contract performance.

Southern Power Grid Enhancement Project consists of construction of transformer substations, power transmission and transformation lines, with a construction period of 25 months. Southern power grid in Venezuela will be improved and electricity demand of local residents and enterprises will be satisfied when the project is completed.

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