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Fujian supports pharmaceutical industry with new policies
Updated: 2014-08-29

The food and drug watchdog in Fujian province has recently released a series of policies boosting the development of the biomedicine economy, Southeast Express reported on Aug 20.

The examination and approval authority for medicines, health products and cosmetics will be delegated to related agencies locally. Review and approval for the registration of new medicines will take less time. Production permits of drug enterprises will be simplified as well, according to methods issued by the Fujian Provincial Food and Drug Administration (FJFDA).

It is to be noted that inspection and approval of key medicine equipment, generic drugs and those of clinical imperatives will be accelerated.

In addition, pharmaceutical manufacturers are encouraged to cooperate with top research institutions to launch a new drug development program with big market prospects. FJFDA will also invite experts to offer technical support as well as project risk assessment for manufacturers.

Development of the biomedicine economy in the cities of Pingtan and Xiamen will be particularly boosted, as FJFDA will loosen restrictions concerning production and operation of Taiwan-funded pharmaceutical enterprises.

Authentication of qualification of Taiwan’s enterprises engaged in the production of drug, health food, cosmetics and medical equipment will be delegated to local food and drug agencies in Pingtan and Xiamen, according to the new policies.

FJFDA will also play a role in attracting investment of biomedicine business in Pingtan and Xiamen.