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Cross-Straits business founders share experiences with youths
Updated: 2014-08-11

At a special session of the second Straits Youth Festival, a short-talk conference themed “How to Establish Your Own Business” was held in Fuzhou on August 9, featuring four young and talented entrepreneurs from both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

The four guest speakers are Chen Jian-An, CEO of Taiwan Biyoungwater; Huang Yi-Kwan, general manager of Taiwan Future Media Corp; Tan Zhongyi, board chairman of the “Quality Life Community” project; and Zhang Yuangang, CEO of Shanghai Softyoung Tech.

During the conference, they addressed speeches sharing not only their stories and experiences about how they established their own businesses successfully, but also advising young college students who wish to be entrepreneurs themselves.

Chen Yuanbang, member of the Fuzhou Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of Organization Department, pinned high hopes on the youths at the conference. “Fuzhou is the birthplace of the Maritime Silk Road, the spirit of fighting is already embedded in our souls. I hope more and more talents can choose Fuzhou as their next stop and pursue their careers here. Let’s work hard together to build Fuzhou into the pivotal city of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road,” he said.

The conference was co-hosted by the Fuzhou civic government, the Fuzhou administration of civil service, the Fuzhou-Taiwan affairs office and the Fuzhou Communist youth league. It was organized by the Taiwan Youth Career Development Association, Taiwan 1111 job bank, Chinese Taipei Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Fuzhou Polytechnic and Fuzhou Minjiang University.