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Bridge expansion brings relief to traffic headaches
Updated: 2013-06-28

The government of Fuzhou, Fujian province has come up with a feasible way to bring some relief to its traffic problems, which are increasingly heavy, thanks to the rapid development of the Jinshan district -- build another bridge.

Other causes of traffic problems are growth in the city’s university town and in the town of Shangjie in Minhou county.

Currently, the only direct connection between the Jinshan district and the Taijiang district on the other side of the Minjiang River, is the Jinshan Bridge, which has gradually been showing some weaknesses --- one is its four lanes that can’t possibly handle the rush-hour traffic, the other is the lack of pedestrian walkways or paths for bicycles or scooters wanting to get to the other side.

So, there’s a new bridge, with a length of 1,232 meters and the same width as the old one, at 19.5m, forming an eight-lane highway, which is expected to accommodate pedestrians or bikes as well. Construction work will start at the end of this year.

Because the new span is separate from the old Jinshan bridge, the work won’t affect the old traffic flow and, ultimately, they will co-exist in harmony and the new span will surely provide some much-needed relief to traffic and the surrounding area.

Edited by Yang Jie and Roger Bradshaw