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Longyan Best Western Fortune Hotel
Longyan Best Western Fortune Hotel is the first international hotel established by the leading international Best Western brand.
Changting Hotel
Changting Hotel is a four-star hotel, located in the downtown area of Changting town, Longyan city in Fujian province.
Tel (operator): 86(597)6699888
Zhongyuan International Hotel
Zhongyuan International Hotel is the first four-star hotel in Fujian's city of Longyan.
Longyan Rongshun International Hotel
Longyan Rongshun International Hotel is located at the intersection of Longyan Street and Hualian Road, near Tobacco Building and Yuanfeng Times Square.
Hotline: 400-626-5577
Sunshine Holiday Hotel
Sunshine Holiday Hotel is located in the busy downtown area of Longyan city, near Lianhuashan Garden.
Longyan Shanshui Hotel
The three-star Longyan Shanshui Hotel is located a five-minute drive away from the railway station and bus terminal.
Longyan Jinsui Hotel
Address: Xi'an South Road (Local Taxation Building), Longyan City, Fujian Province
Tel: 86 (597) 2262666
Longyan Phoenix Hotel
Address: No 15, Jiuyi North Road, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province
Tel: 86 (597) 2288996 2288599
Liancheng Tianyi Resort
Address: Tangtou Ziran Village, Wenheng Town, Liancheng County, Longyan City
Tel: 86 (597) 8955670
Longyan Yuqinglou Inn
Address: Yuqinglou Building, Chuxi Earthen Building Complex, Xiayang Town, Yongding County, Longyan City
Tel: 86 (597) 5582640

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