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Folk Customs
Yongding Hukeng 'Blessing Rite'
The "Blessing Rite" held by the Li's in Yongding Hukeng every three years is famous throughout the country.
Tossing Guan Gong in the mud
On Jan 14 of the lunar calendar, villagers in Julin village, Tongfang town, Changting county, hold a relatively unknown activity known as "tossing Guan Gong in the mud" to celebrate Lantern Festival.
Picking up the bride
The Hakka have a unique wedding custom known as "picking up the bride".
Lunar April Eighth Festival
Lunar April Eighth Festival is a traditional folk activity with a history spanning hundreds of years in Chendong township, Yongding, Fujian province.
Tea-Picking Lantern Dance of Longyan
The Tea-Picking Lantern Dance of Longyan is also known as the "tea-picking and butterfly catching" dance.
Quiet Clapper Music of Longyan
Quiet clapper music of Longyan is a unique art form that originated in 1901 in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Liancheng Parade (Celebration of Lantern Festival)
The Liancheng Parade is a folk entertainment activity held in Liancheng county of Longyan, Fujian province, that prays for good weather, peace and prosperity for local people.
Longyan folk songs
There are many Longyan folk songs. Longyan has long been known as the "Home to the Folk Song".
Large rice dumpling procession
On Feb 6 of the lunar calendar every year, villagers in Shangjiangfang in Beituan township will start to prepare for a large rice dumpling procession
Liancheng Gutian Dragon Dance
The Liancheng Gutian Dragon Dance began in 1752, the 16th year of the reign of the Qing Emperor Qianlong.

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