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Cycling wedding held in Longyan


Cycling wedding held in Longyan

The bridegroom cycling to escort his bride to the ceremony. [Photo/] 

Cycling wedding held in Longyan

The couple with their 52 cyclists. [Photo/]

A wedding party recently arrived in style, as a bridegroom escorted his bride to the ceremony – all with the help of a little pedal power. Carrying the bride on his bicycle, the bridegroom cycled to his wedding, held in Longyan, in East China’s Futian province on Jan 24, followed by another 52 cyclists.

The newlywed couple, who initially met each other on their bicycles and fell in love with each other through cycling, chose bicycles as their "wedding car". The pair also chose a total of 53 bicycles to represent the sum of their age.

The wedding team attracted a host of onlookers, as they pedaled through the streets, creating some picture-perfect moments. The cyclists posed in unison – bicycles in tow – to form the shape of a heart on the road as they expressed their sincere wishes for the newlyweds.

"Our love story starts from riding bicycles. Riding bicycles has brought us lots of sweet and precious memories," said the bride.

"We'll carry on the environmental protection activity," he said.

The 53 cyclists are all members of the Changting Cycling Association. According to the chief executive of the association, it will be a lifelong memory for the newlywed to hold such an innovated bicycle wedding. "It's economical and has advocated a healthy and environmental new life," he said.

But for the couple, the wheels of marriage keep on spinning – with or without their bicycles.