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Fujian launches visa violation investigation throughout the province


Fujian launches visa violation investigation throughout the province

A provincial notice was issued last month in Fujian stating that no more visa extensions for expats from certain countries (confirmed as Vietnam and the Philippines) who stay or work without resident permit in the province. In addition, the Department of Public Security has launched an investigation of visa violation such as illegal employment and overstay throughout the province. Fuzhou & Putian City: Uniformed policemen came to visit companies in Fuzhou and Putian randomly since last month, taking photographs and film of responsible person of company and workers from different offices were asked to assist in the investigation to ascertain if the foreigner was really working for the company. Several companies and representative offices were found illegal employment by not applying work permit for their foreign employees or providing illegal assistance for foreigners who actually DO NOT work for the company.

Quanzhou: Policeman in Jinjiang, Shishi and other cities in Quanzhou investigated and visited companies that were registered at their system. Any fake registration will be shutdown and punished accordingly.

The new visas extended in Quanzhou are for one month only. Furthermore, people with work visa only received a six-months resident permit and some of them even obtained three months which many work visa holders have been complaining about.

Xiamen: Many enterprises and individuals have received call from Xiamen Entry-Exit PSB to investigate the situations of foreign employees. Some of the foreigners were invited to introduce their company, job description and address.

It seems visa situation is becoming more and more strict in China. However, people with work visa never has problem.