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Students seek culture during summer vacation in Shanghang


Many students in Longyan, East China's Fujian, visited the Gutian Conference Site, Mao Zedong Memorial in Caixi township, and other cultural tourism attractions in the city's Shanghang county in an attempt to spend their summer in a cultural atmosphere.

The Gutian Conference Site, as a representative of "Red Tourism" scenic spots in Fujian province, provides an important opportunity for students to understand the background of the milestone conference in the history of the Chinese Red Army. They also learned about the spirit of pursuing truth and the history of rural construction at the Caixi Mao Zedong Memorial.

Shanghang is the home of hakka people. The Hakka Genealogy Museum built 2,000 years ago has precious records of family history from 100 million hakka people. Students are able to know about the family genealogy, famous people and other hakka cultures in the museum.

Zijin Mountain is regarded as the largest gold mine in China. The Zijin Geology and Mineral Museum presents geological changes and the process of mineral formation to students.

Shanghang has focused on the development of memorials and museums in recent years. Modern science and technology has been used widely to help students learn about culture more effectively during summer vacation.

By Liu Wei

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Micheal Thai