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4A Senic Spots

Longkong Cave


Longkong Cave is located in Yanshi township, a small town at the south part of the Wuyi Mountains in Longyan city, Fujian. It is 48 kilometers away from the city proper of Longyan. Recognized as "Cave Guilin" and the "Best Cave in East China," Longkong Cave is a national 4A scenic spot and the main scenic area of Longyan National Forest Park.

The cave is surrounded by mountains, forests and jungles. For that reason, it is viewed as a savage karst cave and mountain forest scenic spot. The cave is divided into three layers. It is 2,000 meters deep with a maximum height of 50 meters. There are mountains in the cave, and those mountains have smaller caves.

With a river flowing through it, Longkong Cave is famous for its beautiful mountainous forest and unique karst topography. The cave was created through three major crust movements and corresponding intermittent evolution, starting from the Paleozoic Era 300 million years ago.

Entering Longkong Cave, tourists will see the front cave, which can provide enough room for 50 people. They can enjoy more rock sceneries after entering Sanxian Gate, with rocks resembling beds, elephants, monkeys, eagles, snakes and frogs.

The largest cave in the cave scenic zone is Guanyin Cave. It is so spacious that around 1,000 visitors can appreciate sceneries in the cave at the same time. On the stone wall there is a rock in the shape of Guanyin, one of the goddesses in China, and a sculpture of Taishang Laojun, a god in a traditional Chinese folk story.