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Working Papers

Major Measures and Factors Concerning the Promotion of Green Development (No 126, 2015)


China's energy demand and resource consumption are experiencing a rigid growth.

Building Shanghai into a Global Science and Technology Innovation Center Based on National Strategies (No 98, 2015)


An innovation center refers to an area with intense innovation elements and activities.

Overseas Practices of Network Intellectual Property Rights Protection and its Enlightenment to China (No 97, 2015)


Network intellectual property rights refers to a range of intellectual property rights arising from Internet.

How does the NSF-funded fundamental research meet demands? (No 85, 2015)


The fundamental research funded by the US National Science Foundation is divided into two categories.

Global science and technology innovation centers: Law of development and inspirations (No 67, 2015)


This paper summarizes the law of development of major science and technology innovation centers.

Influence of lack of innovation in enterprises on Wenzhou industrial upgrades (No 150, 2014)


This is an analysis of funds, technology and personnel input in innovation in Wenzhou's enterprises and industries during China's economic development.

Importance of regional innovation resources from a Wenzhou industrial upgrade perspective (No 149, 2014)


Local innovation resources that cannot meet enterprise improvement needs is a major reason for the problems in industrial upgrades in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

How government promotes technological innovation through the market


The government should improve its market technological innovation mechanism.

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