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Is Township Governments’ Work Practical or Unpractical?


With regard to township government administration, some township officials would describe their work as practical and also unpractical.

A new context for managing overseas direct investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises


Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and their overseas direct investment (ODI) have played an important role in China’s economic development.

Migrant Workers’ Training Needs Innovation


In recent years, the government has become more aware of the significance of rural migrant workers’ training and organized a large number of training programs for rural migrant workers.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction


The Kyoto Protocol, as ‘the first game in town’, represents significant progress towards reducing global emissions. Its cap-and-trade mechanism and flexible market-based implementation have been valued highly.

Climate Change and Green Growth


This paper presents a new research agenda on climate change and green growth from the perspective of the division of labor in classical economics.

Can China Achieve Green Growth?


In 1978, after over 100 years of decline, China embarked on a journey to restore its status as the world’s largest economy. From the early 1500s until the early 1800s, China’s economy was the world’s largest.

On Fragmentation of Community-level Government Operation Mechanism


Operation of community-level government has now entered a “locked” state and formed a specific vicious path-dependence, with internal institutional innovation difficult to emerge.

A Stable Community-level Society Underpins a Stable Country


In view of the current social situation, it is important to pay attention to the cause of conflicts, and get to know how unstable factors have accumulated, and how unstable forces have grown.