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Suggestions on Innovating and Improving Domestic Water-saving Appliances and Popularizing Incentive Policies in China (No.250, 2021)


By Chang Jiwen, Wu Tianqi & Li Jinling, Research Team on “Incentive Mechanisms and Policies for Building a Water-Saving Society”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.250, 2021 (Total 6315) 2021-9-7

Abstract: The promotion of water-saving facilities for daily use are of great significance to building a water-saving society. Some regions have seen initial progress in driving institutions and households to use water-saving facilities widely through diverse promotion and incentives, and in encouraging the research and development (R&D) and application of water-saving facilities. However, laws for promoting water-saving facilities and mechanisms for encouraging long-term input in R&D and promotion are not in place. The promotion of water-saving facilities is checked by insufficient infrastructure and policies, and the effects of demonstration and promotion cannot be ensured due to inadequate evaluations and assessments. The government needs to integrate the formulation of laws and local trials, promote the use of water-saving facilities in rural areas in the renovation of water supply and toilet systems, adopt price adjustment and financial support mechanisms in a sound manner, and promote the R&D and application of water-saving facilities. Efforts are also needed to improve evaluation and assessment mechanisms, expand the use of water-saving facilities, and educate the public to save water through enhancing social awareness.

Keywords: water-saving facilities, promotion, application, renovation of water supply and toilet systems, evaluations and assessments