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Promote the High-Quality Development of Non-Public Economy through Enhancing Party Building and Party’s Leading Role
-- The integrated practice of “service port for enterprises” in Beijing Economic Development Zone (No.232, 2021)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Practical Cases on Implementing New Development Concept”, China Center for International Knowledge on Development (CIKD)

Research Report, No.232, 2021 (Total 6297) 2021-8-30

Abstract: As a grassroots exploration to promote the high-quality development of non-public economy through Party building and Party’s leading role, "service port" focuses on strengthening the political leadership, ideological guidance, mass organization and social appeal of Party organizations, sets forth the functional orientation of grid management of industrial communities, and comes up with many typical experience and practices, mainly including the following aspects: the establishment of grid management system covering the entire zone to concentrate on grassroots services; the building of a database platform for information aggregation and overall planning for future development; the building a communication platform between government departments and enterprises for coordinated management; giving full play to the incubation and leading role of the Party organizations for the planning and optimization of the Party building platform; and the building of a general enterprise service team for the cultivation of professionals in various fields. Experience shows that we need to keep Party building and Party’s leading role at the core, promote service model innovation, and actively create a sound business environment. First, we need to adhere to the promotion and in-depth integration between the enterprise business and Party building. Second, we need to take the initiative to delegate powers and make Party building become integrated with the work of various services. Third, we need to strengthen grassroots governance to provide demonstration samples for the building of industrial communities. Fourth, we need to strengthen organization solidarity, so as to effectively enhance the influence of Party building. Keywords: Party building and Party’s leading role, non-public economy, service port for Beijing Economic Development Zone, industrial communities