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Comprehensive Utilization of Bulk Solid Waste in China: Status Quo, Problems and Policy Options (No.129, 2021)


By Chang Jiwen, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC; Du Genjie, Shi Xiaoli & Li Hongke, China Industrial Cooperation Association

Research Report, No.129, 2021 (Total 6194) 2021-5-20

Abstract: At present, the annual production and historical storage of bulk solid waste in China are huge, the comprehensive utilization rate of which shows much room for improvement. In order to continue to fight and win the battle of pollution prevention and control and carry out the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, it is urgent to accelerate the green, low-carbon and recycling utilization of bulk industrial solid waste. At present, the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste in China has many problems, such as large production quantity, large stock, low comprehensive utilization rate, insufficient conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements, low technological level of industrial projects, inefficiency in comprehensive utilization of products, prominent phenomenon of recycling but not economical, imperfect policy system and inconsistent management system. To further reform the system, it is suggested that China should formulate the overall planning of gradient production reduction and comprehensive utilization to promote the green and low-carbon development of industries; strengthen scientific and technological innovation to promote the construction of platforms for transferring and application of scientific and technological achievements; encourage leading enterprises to expand the market space for their products with comprehensive utilization; and enhance coordination and complementarity between systems and policies to make policy measures more interconnected and effective.

Keywords: bulk solid waste, comprehensive utilization, green, low carbon, recycle