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Innovative Practice of China’s Provincial Social Governance: Major Weak Points and Policy Options (No.123, 2021)


By Li Jianwei, Zhao Zheng & Wang Weijin, Research Team on “The Promotion of Social Governance Systems and Modernized Governance Capability in Hunan Province”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.123, 2021 (Total 6188) 2021-5-17

Abstract: Improving the innovation of provincial social governance is an important task for advancing the modernization of China’s national governance system and capabilities. Research findings based on a field survey in some provinces show that the innovations of provincial social governance mainly include giving full play to the leading role of the Party, shifting the focus of work closer to grassroots governance, promoting digital transformation of social governance and advancing legal-based social governance. However, the provincial social governance still has some weak points and challenges to be addressed. For instance, power and responsibilities in grassroots governance are not matched with each other, coordinated and safe development is still a hard nut to crack, governance forces are not integrated, legal systems are insufficient and the development of digital governance is imbalanced. With regard to provincial social governance, we need to improve top-level design and make explorations through practice, give more say and empower more functions to grassroots communities while reducing their burdens, enhance the awareness and ability to ensure overall development, and promote the building of a Peaceful China across the board. In addition, we need to improve laws and regulations, optimize digital governance resource allocation, refine capabilities of digital governance and make efforts to ensure steady progress of social governance system and modernized governance capabilities.

Keywords: provinces, social governance, grassroots governance, digital governance