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Give Priority to the Enforcement of Review System to Ensure Fair Competition: Business Environment Improvement (No.116, 2021)


By Ma Yuan, Research Team on “Business Environment Improvement,” Research Institute of Enterprise, DRC

Research Report, No.116, 2021 (Total 6181) 2021-5-12

Abstract: The review system for fair competition is a basic reform task to improve business environment and build a high-standard market system. Since 2020, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have issued a number of documents on enforcing the review system for fair competition, and required to continue clearing up and abolish rules and practices that hinder fair competition for the unified management of market performance. The research findings collected from 18 cities in 9 provinces show that the review system for fair competition has been basically established, but the items for reviewing are limited with low reviewing quality and weak institutional demand. The underlying reasons are that people in some regions and departments do not have a clear understanding of the importance of review system and they lack adequate motivation and capability to bring into play the positive policies provided by the central government. Besides, the review system for fair competition and relevant industrial policies that match each other is not in place. This paper notes that we need to give priority to the establishment of review system for fair competition in a bid to optimize business environment across the board. We need to further improve the review rules, set up multi-level review connections, refine exceptional rules, enhance review ability, and strengthen the binding regulations for reviewing projects across the board.

Keywords: review for fair competition, competition policy, binding regulations