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Create New Modes of Offline Cultural Consumption -- A Case Study of Cinema Films (No.93, 2021)


By Jiang Haoduan, DRC Technology Co., Ltd.

Research Report, No.93, 2021 (Total 6158) 2021-4-21

Abstract: The cinema film is a typical product of offline cultural consumption. The 2020 pandemic imposed a most daunting challenge on cinema films, causing a plunge in its annual box office. But related data analysis shows that offline cultural consumption like cinema films remains a rigid demand in current stage, and cinema films have yet been replaced by online films and Internet movies. As new forms and modes of business are encouraged to boost the growth of new types consumption, it is necessary to build new forms of offline cultural consumption with cinema films as a key point. On one hand, the interactions between cinema films and other offline film consumption forms need to be strengthened to satisfy people’s window-shopping desire. On the other, online and offline forms need to reinforce one another for joint development. Such efforts will be conducive to expanding domestic demand and meeting people’s increasing cultural needs. Above all, there is vast room for growth in offline cultural consumption.

Keywords: cinema films, offline cultural consumption, new modes of consumption, shopping economy