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Government Service Improvement and Technology Empowerment during the COVID-19 Epidemic (No.92, 2021)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Chinese People’s Livelihood”, DRC

Research Report, No.92, 2021 (Total 6157) 2021-4-21

Abstract: The result of the research on “Chinese people’s livelihood” in 2020 shows that the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the application of digital technology in government services, and the government services have improved significantly on the whole in the epidemic test. The main manifestations are: continuous improvement of government service satisfaction, remarkable efficient results in convenient service measures, substantial increase in the actual handling rate of online administration, and universal recognition of digital technology. The research also shows gaps in the implementation of reform measures related to government service at the grassroots level. For example, government service evaluation methods and results are not fully used, the hotline for convenient services needs to be further optimized, some of the data on government affairs has not yet been available and connected, causing unnecessary multiple visits, and open and transparent procedures still remain the primary demand of the public. In the process, technology empowerment is also facing some new situations in government services. For instance, special groups particularly encounter major obstacles in the use of smart technology, and there are certain concerns about the leakage of digital information and personal privacy. To continue deepening the reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services in the field of people’s livelihood, we should pay attention to both implementation and weaknesses, attach equal importance to technology application and system guarantee, ensure effective implementation of established reform policies, promote integration of data from government service hotlines, pay more attention to data security and privacy protection, and accelerate the digital transformation of people-centered government.

Keywords: research on Chinese people’s livelihood, COVID-19 epidemic, government service, digital technology