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A Review of Urban Business Environment Evaluation System in China (No.62, 2021)


By Zhang Shiguo, Niu Zhiwei, Yuan Wenrong & Liu Qi, Research Team on “Evaluations of Urban Business Environment in China 2020”, Economic Research Institute of Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.62, 2021 (Total 6127) 2021-3-19

Abstract: Business environment evaluation index system is an important tool to accurately evaluate urban business environment. At present, there are a number of evaluation index systems for the assessment of business environment based on different aspects including reforms designed to delegate powers, improve regulation and provide better services as well as the improvement of environment relating to government service, county market performance and taxation management, and these systems have played a positive role in optimizing the business environment in China. However, these evaluation index systems of business environment have some defects to be addressed such as the lack of law-based governance in business environment and the absence of influential factors on supply-demand side of the market. The policy options are made as follows. We need to put equal emphasis on both the demand side and the supply side and define business environment as a complex of various external environmental factors in the process of enterprise establishment, production and management. We need to develop a business environment evaluation index system suitable for urban China from seven aspects including public services, human resources, market environment, innovation environment, financial services, legal environment and government service environment, in order to evaluate the level of urban business environment in a more accurate manner.

Keywords: business environment, evaluation system, the environment of law-based governance