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The Open-Oriented Development of Service Industry in Germany: Policy Measures and Enlightenments (No.47, 2021)


By Wang Likun, Research Team on “The Structural Reform of Service Industry Driven by Institutional and Open-Oriented Development”, Research Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.47, 2021 (Total 6112) 2021-3-12

Abstract: As the largest economy in the European Union and a strong manufacturing power in the world, Germany has taken a series of measures to promote the open-oriented development of the service industry and its experience makes good reference to China. Since the 1990s, Germany has promoted the open-oriented development of service industry to phase in the reform sector by sector under European Integration Framework. The opening level of Germany's service industry has taken the lead in the world, showing a high-degree and an in-depth integration with EEA (European Economic Area) member countries, especially in the fields of telecommunications, insurance, postal service, express delivery and wholesale and retail trade. In recent years, in the course of open-oriented reform of service industry, Germany has continued to simplify the examination and approval procedures, optimize the business environment, improve the transparency of regulation and control, and refine the level of openness in EEA. For China, we need to promote further opening-up of the service industry in a classified and orderly fashion, push ahead with overall opening-up bolstered by regional and multilateral opening-up, strengthen supporting laws and policy coordination in the process of opening-up, and take the initiative in the formulation of trade rules through opening-up.

Keywords: opening-up of service industry, policy measures, experience and enlightenments, OECD Service Trade Restrictions Index, Germany