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New Development and Enlightenments of Japan’s Policies of Opening Up Its Service Industry (No.46, 2021)


By Liu Tao, Research Team on “Promoting the Reform of Systems and Mechanisms of the Service Industry Through Institutional Opening-up,” Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.46, 2021 (Total 6111) 2021-3-11

Abstract: From a global perspective, the service industry and service trade in Japan are full-fledged and play a leading role with high-level opening up, showing strong international competitiveness in industries such as architecture. In recent years, Japan has promoted the opening up of many industries such as logistics, finance and architectural design by partially removing competition barriers and discriminatory measures and easing access restrictions. However, it has also tightened restrictions on cross-border data flow Japan has maintained the opening up of industries such as film and television and architecture through comprehensive measures. Although the broadcasting, telecommunication and law industries have become slightly less open, its personnel flow has shown a high level of opening up. Drawing on Japan’s experience, China should steadily open up its service industry, improve relevant laws and regulations to promote opening up, provide more favorable environment for the service industry, and seek to play a leading role in the formulation of service trade rules through higher-level opening up.

Keywords: service industry, the progress of opening up, enlightenments of policies, OECD service trade restrictiveness index, Japan