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Influence of Global Sci-Tech Innovation Momentum on China’s Medium-to-Long Term Sci-tech Development and Countermeasures (No.278, 2020)


By Ma Mingjie, Dai Jianjun, Long Haibo, Xiong Hongru & Zhang Xin, Research Team on “The Influence of International Political and Economic Pattern Changes on China’s Sci-Tech Innovation Development”, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.278, 2020 (Total 6022) 2020-11-24

Abstract: As the emerging digital technology revolution phases in the latter part of the run-in period, it might propel the world into a new round of prosperity cycle around 2030, when data will become the key factor in sci-tech innovation and production to advance the digital and smart transformation of global industries. By then, the China-US sci-tech competition will lead to diverse systems of technologies and standards in some key fields, open-oriented innovation will develop further based on multiple participant entities and bolstered by a market-oriented and bottom-up-based mechanism, and sci-tech innovation policies will be more deeply subject to international rules, with digital dual use and safety technology being important fields for R&D inputs. In making the new medium-to-long term sci-tech development plan, it is necessary for China to turn from following others to leading the pack in technology with stronger confidence, accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, and shape China’s sci-tech strategic advantage while integrating into the global innovation network, so as to develop China into a strong innovator in the world.

Keywords: sci-tech innovation, digital technology revolution, strategic transformation