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Forging International Production Capacity Cooperation Network for Common Security and Prosperity Based on the Belt and Road Initiative (No.191, 2020)


By Long Guoqiang & Luo Yuze, Research Team on “Forging the Belt and Road Production Capacity Cooperation Network”, DRC

Research Report, No.191, 2020 (Total 5935) 2020-7-23

Abstract: The U.S.-led international industrial cooperation network with China’s constant involvement is facing severe challenges. The present US government is now pursuing a trade protectionism policy, withdrawing from international organizations, bringing some production work back to the US market and leaving no stone unturned to restrain China’s growth, all of which have undermined the stable and smooth operation of global industrial chain and supply chain. Faced with such a severe international landscape, China needs to prepare for both eventualities. On the one hand, China needs to take proactive measures to deal with the trade and economic ties with the U.S. and its allies, maintaining the security and stability of current industrial chain and supply chain, and on the other hand, China needs to, based on the Belt and Road Initiative, keep up with the changing development both at home and abroad and actively cultivate a safe and controllable international production capacity cooperation network for common prosperity. Besides, China needs to enhance peer-to-peer cooperative economic ties with other countries in the interest of high-quality development, cement its economic security environment and promote the construction of a community with shared future for mankind.

Keywords: international production capacity cooperation network, the Belt and Road Initiative, a community with shared future for mankind