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Take Multiple Measures to Alleviate Elderly Residents’ Worries on Their Economic Security (No. 115, 2020)


By Feng Wenmeng, Research Team on “Chinese People’s Livelihood Survey”, DRC

Research Report, No. 115, 2020 (Total 5859) 2020-5-19

Abstract: Economic security for the elderly is the foundation for elderly care. In recent years, the government has been strengthening the economic security for the elderly. The pension insurance for workers and urban and rural residents has basically realized full coverage of the target population. The subsistence allowance for urban and rural residents has also played a very important role in maintaining economic security of the elderly. DRC research team on “Chinese People’s Livelihood Survey” conducted a face-to-face questionnaire survey in households in 2019 on more than 10,000 residents from 8 provinces and regions. Research findings show that residents’ concerns about the economic security of the elderly are not that serious, but most people still care for the issue. There are some problems hindering the improvement of residents' sense of economic security. The funds needed for pension insurance are pooled from government subsidies, collective grants and personal contributions. Given the facts that old-age pension and income are both low and collective grants and personal contributions are inadequate, these issues have hurdled the enhancement of residents’ concerns about economic security. .In order to soften residents’ concerns about economic security for the elderly, it is necessary to advance reform of the pension system, create a macro-friendly environment for the elderly’s participation in relevant social work and improve economic support for home care, so as to systematically promote relevant reforms.

Keywords: economic security for the elderly, pension insurance, labor force participation