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DRC sets out work on epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development


On February 23, the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) carefully listened to the important speech delivered at a meeting on coordinating the prevention and control of the COVID-19 with economic and social development.

Ma Jiantang, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of DRC, arranged works to learn the speech and to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control work with relevant policy research.

The speech comprehensively summarized the work at previous stages of epidemic prevention and control, deeply analyzed the current situation and the impact of this epidemic on economic and social development, and put forward key tasks and major measures to coordinate prevention and control of the COVID-19 with economic and social development, which is highly thoughtful, instructive and targeted.

Ma stressed that officials and staffs of DRC should coordinate their work on epidemic prevention and control with policy research, remain vigilant and continue to make firm, solid and meticulous efforts in epidemic prevention and control.

It is necessary for DRC to pay close attention to the epidemic situation and its impact on current economic and social development, conduct in-depth analysis, accurate research and consultation, and promptly make rational recommendations on both epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, said Ma.

He urged DRC make every effort to advance research on major key topics identified at the beginning of the year in accordance with established goals and ensure that various research tasks are completed on time and with high quality.

He also emphasized that DRC should carry out in-depth research on the weak links exposed in the outbreak response, provide suggestions for improving the epidemic prevention and control system and the ability to deal with major public health emergencies.

The DRC should make good use of various channels and give play to the role of a think tank, actively voice China's long-term positive economic momentum, and respond to domestic and foreign concerns in a timely manner, said Ma.

On February 24, all departments of DRC studied the spirit of the speech.