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DRC donates more than 900 thousand Yuan to Hubei to fight epidemic


In order to assist the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei province, the DRC Party committee issued the "Proposal on Donation to Fight the Epidemic" to Party members and DRC staff, and advocated supporting Hubei in combating the novel coronavirus pneumonia by making donations.

After the proposal was issued, current and retired leaders of DRC took the lead in donating immediately. Active and retired employees of various departments and institutions responded positively, and gave enthusiastically. In just four days, 1,130 DRC staff donated a total of 906160 yuan ($129,352), 756,732 yuan of which came from 658 Party members.

At present, all donations have been transferred to the Hubei Charity Federation for epidemic prevention and control.

This activity demonstrated the sense of social responsibility of DRC staff in the face of the epidemic, and expressed their resolution to fight against the epidemic together with the people of Hubei.