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Review, Analysis and Prospect of the Reform of the Oil and Gas Industry (No.177, 2019)

( drc ) 2019-12-04

By Shi Yaodong & Zhou Yi, Research Team on “Review and Experience of the Past 40 Years of Reform and Opening up”, DRC

Research Report, No.177, 2019 (Total 5677) 2019-10-9

Abstract: This paper presents the reform background of the oil and gas industry, and then sorts out the reform of the oil and gas industry into three stages: the stage of exploring and conducting pilot projects, delegating powers and separating the government and enterprises, the stage of industrial restructuring and market-oriented reform, and the stage of accelerating reforms, price reform and optimizing the structure. On the whole, China has pushed forward the reform of its oil and gas system actively and prudently and improved the efficiency of production and services significantly, providing a strong impetus for the rapid development of the national economy. However, there are still problems in the market access, price liberalization, and the need of separating the transportation operation from the infrastructure networks. We need to promote the reform of nine aspects in the future. 1. improve and orderly open up the oil and gas exploration and exploitation system. 2. Enhance the oil and gas import and export management system. 3. Reform the operation mechanism of oil and gas pipelines. 4. Deepen the reform of downstream competitive links. 5. Reform the pricing mechanism of oil and gas products. 6. Deepen the reform of stated-owned oil and gas enterprises. 7. Improve the oil and gas reserve system. 8. Establish and perfect a safe and green oil and gas system. 9. And build an oil trading market with international influence.

Key words: reform process of the oil and gas industry, deepen reforms, key tasks