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International Experience of Health Education and Its Enlightenment for China (Special Issue, No.71, 2019)

( drc ) 2019-12-04

By Liu Shenglan, Research Team on “Improving the Health Education System”, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.71, 2019 (Total 1699) 2019-9-18

Abstract: The health education systems and practical experience of the United States, Japan, Britain and Singapore are worth studying and learning from. First, these countries regard health education and health promotion as a kind of social investment and prioritize them as one of their national strategies. They have done a good job in top-level design while ensuring continuity and systemization in the form of national planning. Second, they take health education as a public undertaking and promote multi-sector cooperation and participation. Third, varied policies to promote the development of health education are made and implemented concerning different places in these countries. Fourth, general attention is paid to the role of health education professional institutions. Fifth, health education is backed by multi-channel funds as well as sufficient and qualified manpower. To draw on these experiences, the Chinese government needs to attend to the following points: set goals based on evidences and make progressive schedules of health education in the top-level design; clarify government’s responsibility, allowing it to guide different parties accordingly in a bid to facilitate multi-party cooperation and participation; launch a health education information platform to better leverage the role of professional institutions; improve supporting measures to promote health education in practice.

Key words: health education, international experience, enlightenment