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An Analysis of the Reform of Post and Telecommunications Industry: Review and Preview (No.150, 2019)


By Shi Yaodong & Zhou Yi, Research Team on “A Review of the Experience on Reform and Opening-Up over the Past 40 Years”, DRC

Research Report, No.150, 2019 (Total 5650) 2019-8-29

Abstract: The post and telecommunications industry has promoted development through reforms over the past 40 years, providing strong support for national economic and social development. It is necessary for us to make a systematic review and analysis on its past reforms so as to draw some reference for furthering reform. The paper first reveals the major problems facing post and telecommunications industry at the initial stage of reform. At that time, the industry was monopolized by the government under an overall national plan. Due to the non-separation of government administration from enterprise management, the low efficient performance of the industry had resulted in huge financial losses. Based on the above-mentioned illustration, the paper sorts out the reforms of post and telecommunications industry into three stages as follows. First, the government delegated more powers to the industry to invigorate management through relevant pilot practice. Second, the government segregated post service from telecommunications service, separated government administration from enterprise management and conducted industrial restructuring. Third, the government made a swift price reform and structure optimization. These reform measures have enabled the post and telecommunications industry to achieve remarkable results. In the future, it is necessary to enhance top-level design, deepen the reform of telecommunications industry in the areas of market access, business grading, investment and financing and service price. In addition, it is equally important to deepen the reform of post industry in terms of market access, supervision system and the management of state-owned post enterprises.

Key words: reform process of post and telecommunications industry, further the reform, key tasks