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Improve Energy System for High-Quality Development: Goals, Approaches and Policy Options for Furthering Energy Revolution in the New Era (No.154, 2019)


By Zhao Changwen, Yang Jianlong & Xu Zhaoyuan, Research Team on “China’s Energy Revolution against the Backdrop of Global Energy Transformation”, DRC

Research Report, No.154, 2019 (Total 5654) 2019-9-4

Abstract: China’s principal goal on energy revolution in the new era is to develop a high-quality energy system and shift the focus from quantity accumulation to quality upgrading. High-quality energy system is featured by clean, low-carbon, cost-effective and safe production and such a system needs to promote the development of the energy industry and provide internationally competitive energy support for high-quality development of China’s economy and society. To promote high-quality development of energy system, China needs to adhere to the following principles. It needs to accelerate the development of new energy and clean use of fossil energy, pay equal attention to intensive demand-side use and the improvement of supply-side efficiency, focus on institutional system reform to break monopoly and sharpen competitive edges and enhance Internet plus smart energy-based system to improve and ensure energy security.

Key words: energy revolution, energy transformation, high-quality development, clean and low-carbon