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Promote Energy Platform Development: Approaches and Policy Options (No.136, 2019)


By Zhou Jianqi, Research Team on “The Development and Regulation of Platform-based Economy”, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.136, 2019 (Total 5636) 2019-8-15

Abstract: Energy platform is cyberspace based on digital technology, offering market access to business and consumer terminals. It forms a bilateral or multilateral energy market through the connection and interaction with consumers. The energy platform has reformed the new energy ecology and will become the medium and carrier of the new energy economy. China’s existing service organization of energy network is not an energy platform, but it can be transformed into an energy platform. The new energy-based platform has made a start, and there are some problems to be addressed. First, the traditional system restricts the transformation of electric power grids as well as oil and gas pipeline network toward energy platform. Second, the stagnant service is not conducive to the development of energy platform. Third, the energy strategy adjustment develops too slowly to support new forms of energy platform with investment support. Fourth, regulation based on energy economy limits the vitality of energy platform ecology. The policy options are raised as follows. We need to reform electric power grids as well as oil and gas pipeline network into bilateral or multilateral energy platforms, form the mechanism of multiple ways to build energy platforms, increase the infrastructure investment of energy platforms, support the development of distributed power supply circulation association and give play to its regulatory functions.

Key words: energy platform, new energy economy, status quo and problems, approaches and policy options